Getting Away From It All

I’ve been away to social media sites for the past few days, weeks rather. Not that I am busy or sort of.


My Facebook account gets opened rarely than I used to. On days that I try to put up a status update or share an entertaining post, I often feel the urge to remove it. I just log in there when I greet some friend on his/her birthday or if there are messages that I need to respond to.


If I have to recall about my old self, this would’ve been pretty alarming. It’s quite different from years ago when I used to be socially active. I was updated to all my friends’ (even those people I only know by name) lives, enemies, problems, relationship status, and anything else they put up on social media even if it’s shouldn’t be there.


However in these moments, I feel like I’ve been wasting time being online for this long that I need to log out from it. Aside from being unproductive during days that I should be doing something worthy, it’s surprisingly causing stress in my being. My inner self starts to get fed up with irrelevant articles, political rants, and superficial memes in my news feed. What’s even worse than that is when I accidentally scrolled upon spoilers on my favorite TV series I haven’t watched yet. These make me cringe. Do people don’t have anything else to do but Facebook?


What else do I expect to see? I have long unfollowed a number of friends (without them knowing) because I’m no longer interested in finding out what they’re currently up to.


I’ve been telling myself I needed to get involved socially so I can at least warn someone that he’s starting to be an idiot, or teach some grammatically incorrect people the difference of your and you’re. But what will I get from these? Smart-shaming is the least of my concern.


I know what I’m doing. I’m distancing myself from the world, again, so I can be at peace. I do not care anymore if people starts to forget I exist. Do I hate society now?