Life Hacks

  1. If something is a piece of cake for you, get more slices of it. Nothing good in this world comes easy, so whenever you can achieve something without exerting much effort, don’t be afraid to do it as many times as you can.
  2. Shove all your worries into your pocket, as if they’re loose coins you no longer need, but you still keep anyway. Treat all your problems as if they’re lessons life teaches you. Avoid stressing too much out of it, you never own all the problems in the world anyway.
  3. Collect every kind word you hear. Wrap them around yourself on nights you feel unloved, and in the morning give them back. Learn from all the good things you experienced, and use them around you whenever needed.
  4. Never belittle yourself for someone who miscalculates your worth. Remember, you are better than that. Do not depend your value to somebody who never treats you fairly. You are born imperfectly beautiful and nobody in this world can defy that, ever.
  5. Touch people without using your hands. Influence the people around you with the good things. You will realize sooner that you are remembered by what you share with them.
  6. When you decide to leave, do it as lightly as possible, with only a small suitcase and a heart full of nothing to lose. Then, never look back. Learn when to walk away from people or things if you are no longer happy. Learn to let go, but never collect bitterness from the past and just focus on what’s ahead of you.
  7. There isn’t a devil or an angel when it comes to the head and the heart. Use them both to realize what you really want. When it comes to making tough decisions in life, use your mind and feelings to choose wisely.
  8. Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself one honest thing you are scared to admit. Do it everyday until even the most painful truths become easy to accept. Let go of all your insecurities and learn to love yourself. Self-worth is a very important thing.
  9. Stop waiting. Stop thinking. Stop planning. Do things now because tomorrow is never guaranteed.  You only live once. Stop wasting time just because you feel you are not ready. Do it now, or regret later.
  10. The world is a cruel place to live in, but there is so much good amid all the suffering. Seek with persistence and you will ultimately find it.  Stop bothering yourself on how unfair life is. Better days will come sooner, especially when you least expect it. Just breathe.


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Closing Time

2015 was a year of climbs and spontaneous travels, of new experiences and adventures, of mishaps and misfortunes, of heartbreaks and anxieties, of drama and judgments. Nonetheless, it was a lesson learned, a life-changing moment definitely one for the books.

To say the least, this was a year of ups and downs. It was having the guts to step out of the comfort zone and leave everything, for good. It was drifting away from people you finally realized not worth keeping. It was a year of making tough decisions you know you won’t regret later. It was a full blast, a year of starting anew, after being wounded by the past. It was finally rising up after being held captive from your ghosts and demons for a long time. This was a year of starting from plain scratch.

To you who has been here even on the worst days of this year, I cannot thank you enough for being a part of it; and to those whom I lost unexpectedly in this battle, thank you still, for leaving, and for making way to new ones to take part in.

As we look forward to a kinder year to come ahead, let us all be grateful for everything 2015 has taught us, and may we be inspired and look beyond what the approaching year has to offer and cherish the most of it—bolder and wiser.

I want to say congratulations to you who survived another year of life. Salute! 🍷

A Beautiful Disaster

There are only few facts that I know about Mt. Pinatubo. One of those, from what mother has told me some time ago, is that our country and some nearby countries were severely affected by its eruption. It happened on June 1991 and by that time she was pregnant of me. She can still remember its aftermath – heavy monsoon rains accumulated with volcanic ashes and leaves of trees were filled with dust, that some of the kids that time needed to wear face masks so they won’t get asthma. Imagine we were from the Southern part of Luzon and Pinatubo was located in the North.

According to some research online, the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo, having considered as the second largest volcanic eruption in the century, made an atmospheric impact on Earth’s temperature. Yes, it was indeed a disaster, but despite the destructive damage it has caused 24 years ago, Mt. Pinatubo has become an interest not only to Filipino mountaineers but to foreign tourists as well.


impact, n.: “You were the collision I didn’t see coming, but once it happened, the force was great enough to both alter and connect.”

– David Levithan 

A Weekend of Everything That Flies

When I first learned in a random Facebook page about the 19th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, I immediately shared it to my good friends and invited them to go. The 4-day annual event was held on Clark, Pampanga, on 12th-15th of February.

The plan was originally scheduled on Saturday, 14th, since everybody’s having a Valentines date except for me on that day, we decided to buy tickets for the next day instead.

It was still dawn when we arrived at Dau, Pampanga. With a long queue of people lined up on the jeepney terminal to Clark City, I already expected we will arrive late in the event area.

The city traffic was hilarious. Private vehicles clogged the highway, that even the jeep we’re riding took a different route, we still ended up trapped on the heavy traffic. Seeing hot air balloons on the sky when we’re still in our way makes it disappointing. But when we arrived inside and got our tickets stamped, some of the exhibitors are still setting up their hot air balloons, at least.

It was an amazing thing to watch knowing that it’s our first time to see such event. Balloons never failed to amuse me.

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The crowd was busy taking photographs as colorful hot air balloons floated on the clear skies of Clark. Those who were inside the balloon area were lucky indeed.

Processed with VSCOMy only decent photo with Miss Daisy

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No chairs to sit in the event area, just on the ground

Other than hot air ballooning, there were still flying exhibitions that followed – motorized paragliding, aerobatics, formation flying, radio-controlled model flights, and non-stop kite flying.

During some of the events, we decided to take some rest on the field and take photos. 😅

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We even bought a big umbrella to shade ourselves from the sun.

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Never a dull moment

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When evening came, a mini concert was held in the stage area. It was far from where we’re at but we can clearly hear the loud music. And just as the hot air balloons were ready to set up for the second time when they announced the bad weather so they canceled it. Kainis yung hangin. 😞 It also rained a bit but at least they were able to pull off the fireworks.

After the event, commuting back to Manila was the next challenge. There were no public vehicles to ride on, so we walked all the way to Dau terminal, and waited for a bus to reach home. Commuting is always a hassle to us, so it’s never new.

Nevertheless, thank you for the spectacular event, #PIHABF2015.

Today is 30th, and my 23rd.

My cousin and I just went back from SM MoA, where we met up with three of our closest friends in college and celebrated my birthday. There’s nothing special to talk about, aside from usual conversations about what we’re currently up to, and how have we been since the last time we met. I haven’t seen them for a year and it made my heart melt when I found out we’ll be meeting again, in my birthday.

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This day is not the same as last year’s. I did not receive any phone call – just text messages and Facebook and Skype friends’ greetings. What made it special is the thought of someone dear making an effort to greet me earlier at exactly 12 AM, which I did not expect from him, because we’re not talking for a long time now. I’m glad it’s happening again, what I wish is that we won’t fight anymore.

Processed with VSCO

I also wish for better days to come, for me and for those who mean a lot to me.

Time check: 4:30 in the afternoon. There’s still time to celebrate, so I’ll just settle for 200 words for now.

Mayday Parade All Over

It was when January when I found out Mayday Parade’s coming to town this month. As you can read from my previous post, I chose to buy Mayday Parade tickets over 8123’s, but lucky enough to have a close friend who gave me tickets for the latter. 🙂

I’ve been into this Florida-based rock band since college days. Having their own style of pop punk love songs and lengthy song titles that make sense, who would never crave for this kind of music? WIth no doubt, I grabbed the chance of seeing them perform live here in the Philippines.

Last February, my cousin, who used to be my concert buddy, bought four MP tickets at the mall. There were only two kinds of tickets sold — VIP where you can see the band up close, and Bleacher, well of course, where you have to stay in the bleachers blocked by barricades while watching them afar. We were kind of disappointed upon learning that VIP tickets were already sold out, leaving us with no choice but to avail the Bleacher tickets instead.

March 8 came forward, the concert was scheduled to start in the evening. We arrived by noon to Skydome where the concert will be held. A massive crowd, mostly students, were already gathered and lined up for the entrance, particularly those holding VIP tickets. (you have to be an early bird to see the band up close) It took almost three hours before they let us in.

I tried so hard not to feel bummed as we sit on the bleachers while waiting for the band to perform. Looking on the bright side, I was still thankful I got to see them and hear them live.

Sharing you the set-list of their awesome performance:

  1. Ghosts
  2. Jamie All Over
  3. When You See My Friends
  4. Your Song
  5.  12 Through 15
  6. You Be the Anchor That Keeps My Feet on the Ground, I’ll Be the Wings That Keep Your Heart in the Clouds
  7. Girls
  8. Black Cat
  9. Miserable at Best
  10. Stay
  11. Hold Onto Me
  12. Kids in Love
  13. Three Cheers for Five Years
  14. Oh Well, Oh Well
  15. Jersey
  16. I’d Hate to Be You When People Find Out What This Song is About (Encore)


I know not every fan girl is blessed to meet her favorite band, I’m kinda lucky to be one. Next time I meet them again, I’ll make sure it’s not a bleacher seat anymore. 😉