Getting Away From It All

I’ve been away to social media sites for the past few days, weeks rather. Not that I am busy or sort of.


My Facebook account gets opened rarely than I used to. On days that I try to put up a status update or share an entertaining post, I often feel the urge to remove it. I just log in there when I greet some friend on his/her birthday or if there are messages that I need to respond to.


If I have to recall about my old self, this would’ve been pretty alarming. It’s quite different from years ago when I used to be socially active. I was updated to all my friends’ (even those people I only know by name) lives, enemies, problems, relationship status, and anything else they put up on social media even if it’s shouldn’t be there.


However in these moments, I feel like I’ve been wasting time being online for this long that I need to log out from it. Aside from being unproductive during days that I should be doing something worthy, it’s surprisingly causing stress in my being. My inner self starts to get fed up with irrelevant articles, political rants, and superficial memes in my news feed. What’s even worse than that is when I accidentally scrolled upon spoilers on my favorite TV series I haven’t watched yet. These make me cringe. Do people don’t have anything else to do but Facebook?


What else do I expect to see? I have long unfollowed a number of friends (without them knowing) because I’m no longer interested in finding out what they’re currently up to.


I’ve been telling myself I needed to get involved socially so I can at least warn someone that he’s starting to be an idiot, or teach some grammatically incorrect people the difference of your and you’re. But what will I get from these? Smart-shaming is the least of my concern.


I know what I’m doing. I’m distancing myself from the world, again, so I can be at peace. I do not care anymore if people starts to forget I exist. Do I hate society now?

Life Hacks

  1. If something is a piece of cake for you, get more slices of it. Nothing good in this world comes easy, so whenever you can achieve something without exerting much effort, don’t be afraid to do it as many times as you can.
  2. Shove all your worries into your pocket, as if they’re loose coins you no longer need, but you still keep anyway. Treat all your problems as if they’re lessons life teaches you. Avoid stressing too much out of it, you never own all the problems in the world anyway.
  3. Collect every kind word you hear. Wrap them around yourself on nights you feel unloved, and in the morning give them back. Learn from all the good things you experienced, and use them around you whenever needed.
  4. Never belittle yourself for someone who miscalculates your worth. Remember, you are better than that. Do not depend your value to somebody who never treats you fairly. You are born imperfectly beautiful and nobody in this world can defy that, ever.
  5. Touch people without using your hands. Influence the people around you with the good things. You will realize sooner that you are remembered by what you share with them.
  6. When you decide to leave, do it as lightly as possible, with only a small suitcase and a heart full of nothing to lose. Then, never look back. Learn when to walk away from people or things if you are no longer happy. Learn to let go, but never collect bitterness from the past and just focus on what’s ahead of you.
  7. There isn’t a devil or an angel when it comes to the head and the heart. Use them both to realize what you really want. When it comes to making tough decisions in life, use your mind and feelings to choose wisely.
  8. Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself one honest thing you are scared to admit. Do it everyday until even the most painful truths become easy to accept. Let go of all your insecurities and learn to love yourself. Self-worth is a very important thing.
  9. Stop waiting. Stop thinking. Stop planning. Do things now because tomorrow is never guaranteed.  You only live once. Stop wasting time just because you feel you are not ready. Do it now, or regret later.
  10. The world is a cruel place to live in, but there is so much good amid all the suffering. Seek with persistence and you will ultimately find it.  Stop bothering yourself on how unfair life is. Better days will come sooner, especially when you least expect it. Just breathe.


Source: Tumblr

Closing Time

2015 was a year of climbs and spontaneous travels, of new experiences and adventures, of mishaps and misfortunes, of heartbreaks and anxieties, of drama and judgments. Nonetheless, it was a lesson learned, a life-changing moment definitely one for the books.

To say the least, this was a year of ups and downs. It was having the guts to step out of the comfort zone and leave everything, for good. It was drifting away from people you finally realized not worth keeping. It was a year of making tough decisions you know you won’t regret later. It was a full blast, a year of starting anew, after being wounded by the past. It was finally rising up after being held captive from your ghosts and demons for a long time. This was a year of starting from plain scratch.

To you who has been here even on the worst days of this year, I cannot thank you enough for being a part of it; and to those whom I lost unexpectedly in this battle, thank you still, for leaving, and for making way to new ones to take part in.

As we look forward to a kinder year to come ahead, let us all be grateful for everything 2015 has taught us, and may we be inspired and look beyond what the approaching year has to offer and cherish the most of it—bolder and wiser.

I want to say congratulations to you who survived another year of life. Salute! 🍷

impact, n.: “You were the collision I didn’t see coming, but once it happened, the force was great enough to both alter and connect.”

– David Levithan