Life Lately: Vol 04

  • I have to prepare myself for an upcoming certification exam within two months. Well, two months are long. There is more time to procrastinate, said my crammer self.
  • It’s the time of the year again, where my skin’s covered with insect bite-like rashes that irritate me like hell. I remembered how I suffered last 2014 for these strange itchy rashes on my body and face. Turns out it always happens during summer.
  • May 2016 Election Day is approaching. In the wake of controversies being thrown to my prospect presidential candidate for these past few days, I’m on the verge of picking another…wait, there is no choice left.
  • There are rumors that COLDPLAY IS COMING TO MANILA. I wish to save enough money before they announce the ticket prices so I won’t have to sell my kidney or beg in the streets to attend the concert.
  • I’m excited to Game of Thrones’ new season. No spoilers please!

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