Ace Water Spa Experience

Yesterday, a friend and I went to ACE Water Spa in Pasig. Since we live just a walking distance from the area, and I have a buy 1 take 1 coupon which I got from my planner, we decided to visit the place and tried its famous hydrotherapy experience.

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From the reception area, you will have to pay first for the entrance fee. They will provide your entry pass and locker key tied in a bracelet which is very convenient for us to avoid misplacing the key somewhere. After payment, they will let you proceed to the locker/dresser area to keep your belongings and put on your swimwear and shower cap. I heard that the staff are strict on checking the swimwear which they require to be spandex and tight, as the water pressure might cause the swimwear to rise and float.

The shower area has the complete amenities—toiletries, hair dryer, slippers and even plastic bags for wet clothes available for everyone. All you have to bring is your swimwear and towel, and the rest will be taken care of.

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ACE Water Spa utilizes soft, moderate and hard massage surrounded by the lazy river. There are also kiddie pool, lapping pool and the adult area.

Adult area consists of four hot herbal pools with temperature ranging from 36 to 40 degrees Celsius. In the middle lies the cold pool which I imagined from watching Titanic movie because the water was as freezing cold as ice. According to the guidelines I’ve read, it’s recommended to do alternate submerging in hot and cold so your body temperature can adjust well. There’s a regulated duration for every herbal pool to avoid hypertension and heart disease. Steams and saunas are also available near the herbal pool area. Getting inside the two rooms felt like we had a tanning session though we can’t stay any longer inside the steam room because I found it difficult to breathe—claustrophobic issues.

The soft massage consists of bubble pools and beds and hydro-acupuncture bed, which was my favorite. Moderate massage includes rainfall acupuncture, jet chair, eight nozzle shower, buttocks massage, and the hard ones are head and shoulder massage, high pressure massage, jet massage and waterfalls. We did try all of them in two hours, and it was really worth the price. Hard massage should be taken moderately so as to avoid sore shoulders and back pain.

We consumed the remaining two hours in the adult area and the lap pool, which I really enjoyed because it was spacious. So far the best thing we experienced was floating around the lazy river. Four hours inside the spa is long enough for you to try all the massage types and other facilities.

There is nothing to worry about the safety as several lifeguards are available roaming around the whole vicinity. I was not able to capture photos inside, as cameras and phones are strictly prohibited, so it’s best if you go there and experience hydrotherapy by yourself.

Here’s a tip: You can expect a large crowd during morning until afternoon. The best time to visit the place is at 7:00 PM onwards. Fee is only 550php for adults and 250php for kids.


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