2015: A Year That Was

I was actually finishing this post while waiting for the clock to strike 2:00 A.M. so I could get home, for a long vacation from stressful work. Obviously, there is nothing else to expect but long queues and heavy traffic, which I really really hate. Anyway, here’s a recap of the series of events that happened in this year:

  • January

First two weeks approached fast and nothing unusual happened, until on the 18th. I can’t believe I became part of the historic 6-million crowd gathered in Luneta, on a rainy afternoon never minding the pushing and shoving of people to see Pope Francis. Unfortunately, my friend and I could not get past the streets where the Pope’s mobile was. Sobrang nakakaoverwhelm talaga yung feeling na andun! I still remember walking like a zombie, with dead-tired feet, and dripping wet when I reached home. This is definitely one for the books.

  • February

Celebrated post V-day with good friends, went all the way to Pampanga to attend Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival and watched air balloons, kites, planes and other flying stuff soar up the skies of Clark City the whole day. There was also a live band in the evening and also flying activities but they were not able to pull off the air balloon and fireworks due to strong winds.

Fun Fact: We walked from Clark City to Dau because Manila buses are so rare! It was a 10 km walk I guess.

  • March

Got my heart broken and cried a lot. Still I was able to watch four pyromusicals in between sobs anyway.

  • April

We welcomed summer in Nagsasa Cove, Zambales. I was excited because it’s my second time to sleep in a tent (first time was during girl scout days) and it was hella fun! (and exhausting) We also experienced trekking unprepared and got intense sunburn right after.

Before the month ended two of my HS friends and I, along with some other friends went Taal Volcano Trekking (trekking na naman!) It was my first time to ride a horse.

  • May

I let my hair cut to pixie, like the haircut I was rocking circa 1995. Some insensitive people were like, “Uyyyy, nagmomove on!” without realizing I just can’t stand the heat to have a longer hair. I only laughed and did not bother to explain. I don’t want to play too defensive eh. Also, to some people who even had the guts to say “tomboy ka siguro?”, I should have punch you for the joke but I realized I might sound guilty if I did it, but LOL it’s too funny!

  • June

We celebrated Ila’s birthday in Vikings on the first day of the month. And on its last day, I finally quit my job that I’ve had for three fvcking years. I was thankful for all the experiences and skills I learned and I really mean just when I said that. It’s just that I couldn’t picture myself anymore working for the company in the next 5 years so I’ve backed off while it’s still early. Besides, hindi na masaya eh. Can’t stay any longer.

  • July

While waiting for August, I was invited by a friend and joined the group of some hikers to climb Mt. Pico de Loro in Cavite. Not only did I reach the summit but its famous monolith as well. It’s my first time to climb a mountain and it was really worth all the sweat guys, you have to try it!

  • August

August is the start of a “new life, new career”. First few weeks were the hardest because I have to adjust myself in a different work environment since I no longer have the “comfy life”. EDSA traffic, heavy rainfall at some times, and the need to wake up that early? Well, keri naman.

P.S. I missed my shortest hair.

  • September

I did second mountain hiking with friends in Mt. Batulao in Batangas, experiencing the same level of haggardness  as the Pico hike haha!

  • October

Nothing hilarious happened last October. All I remembered is that 24th was marked as “Tamang Panahon“, that should count as a life event too haha! I should have witnessed the event in Philippine Arena because I also am an AlDub fan. They look cute together.

  • November

We went to Mt. Pinatubo! I also went home to buy birthday cake for my little sister during the APEC week, aaand my birthday was just a normal day. As much as I want to spend a lot and go party with friends, I just decided not to. I realized there is much to spend for in December. Yeah, hashtag adult duties.

  • December

I invited two of my friends in Maginhawang Pasko Food Fest in QC, of which I heard in Facebook, but they didn’t make it on the day, so we decided to go there the next day. I also watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens and bought Christmas presents.

To sum them all up, I definitely went through a series of good and bad. This year brought several life lessons that hit me hard, and of course I must not forget every little thing it has taught me. Anyhow, what about you, how did you spend your 2015? 🙂

Happy Holidays folks!


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