8123 Experience

If there would be a phase in my life to choose over other phases, it’d be the moments when I was in concert tours with my favorite bands—jamming and singing aloud like there’s no tomorrow.

Once upon a time I was simply an awkward girl who’ll never go to such events—rock tours, music fests, and the likes. I was more of a paper girl with a paper friend. I was a stay-at-home-and- read-a-book type of person then. Then one day came when I woke up and realized that being in the crowd while listening to these kind of music makes me even happier. I remembered myself last year blogging my BRF2 experience which I enjoyed albeit getting bruises LOL. Well, I just started living this kind of life. I regret not going to other past tours. It was sad to know I can’t afford to spend money to buy concert tickets for lame reasons.

Honestly, my New Year’s resolution this year is save a lot of money. Not only because I’m planning to get ready for a new career, but also to buy concert tickets, specifically the expensive ones. I have been eyeing and dying and dreaming to be at 8123 Tour since last year. Since I heard Nick say during the last BRF that an 81 Tour’s about happen in January. But it’s way more expensive than BRF. And no 8123 ticket means no Nick Santino, no Joel Kanitz and no John O’Callaghan to watch, LIVE. I’ve got no thought that I would make it possible then. I was beginning to accept last Christmas I won’t be able to watch the tour not because I’m broke, but because I’m thinking there may be other things I need to attend to and expenses I need to focus on first. However, I started my 2014 searching on Twitter for discounted tickets and even contest giveaways because I’m still clinging to a little hope that I will make it.

About a week has passed, I heard a new upcoming Mayday Parade concert this March. I chose it over 8123, since it gives me more chances of saving more money. Then last Friday a close friend of mine gave me tickets, and I felt asdfghawvagsjkl, so much overwhelmed, and left me speechless. It was really a dream came true for me. The rest of the day was spent, pure I-still-can’t
believe-how-the-hell-I-got-in-here moments, infinite.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

John x Nick x Joel

This was more than perfect. 😭💜 @themaine #8123 #PCD

A video posted by Diana Rose Marquez (@dynmrqz) on Jan 13, 2014 at 1:14am PST

One day, when I look back and think about these days, I won’t remember an ending. It would be a never-ending happy memory, I, wearing the biggest smile because I finally discovered my comfort zone, and it will be forever.

Big thanks to you who gave me the chance to experience this. 😉


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