Bazooka Rocks Experience

Okay, so I have this post concert depression everyone might be feeling also right now. For the first time in my life, I felt so hyped and overwhelmed at the same time superultramegahappy. Bazooka Rocks Fest II is the only reason for that. I can still remember even the littlest thing that happened on that night, please blame me if I have missed something:

  • Friday, 23rd. I was waiting for a tweet or a post if the bands have arrived. On my last peek, the first to come was Tonight Alive.
  • Saturday, 24th. So this was the meet and greet. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to come and meet all the bands closeup cause..yeah…. ‘twas raining, the weather’s not good and we went to some other place instead.
  • Sunday, BRF Day! We went there earlier than the scheduled time for the opening of gate but we were surprised no we’re not even surprised to see a long line of crowd (mostly teenagers) waiting outside SMX. Some told they’ve been there since 6 am and it’s almost 12pm till we get inside.
  • We’re approached by a girl we forgot to ask the name, we only knew her as “freshie”  coz that’s what she said and she’s beautiful and even taller than us.
  • Inside SMX is a long line of crowd also (yeah I thought it was only outside)
  • We took a photo of BRF banner by the time we get inside the hall.
  • First band we were able to watch (coz we get inside past 12pm) was Save Me Hollywood.
  • We’re walking around the hall and we saw Jenna and crew at the Band Booth signing posters and CDs and stuff and I was able to capture a photo of them up close. ^_^
  • RadioDriveBy was awesome. They had the best songs everyone would fall inlove and get serenaded with.
  • Uchusentai Noiz did it great. Their songs urged the crowd for a mosh and it was hell! I even saw Aria Clemente there. They have the best rendition of Narda, too cute to sing an OPM song.
  • Tonight Alive made us alive. In fact we fell once or twice when the crowd start moshing and shoving one another while the band’s playing.
  • Everyone’s hyped when Jenna starts to sing. Us? We sweated as hell.
  • We Came As Romans played next. The crowd has got more energy for that. More mosh pits, more shoving, more people pushing you away to get in front and rock with the band.
  • Then All Time Low arrived and got in the Band Booth OMFG! I think everyone (almost everyone) walked away the concert stage and went to booth to take some photos of Alex and Jack. Whew, they were so handsome I couldn’t easily take my eyes off of them.
  • I cannot take a good photo of Alex and Jack even some of us almost stepped up the barricades to catch up with them. Bouncers were always there to stop us.
  • Few of my photos were blurry 😦
  • Red Jumpsuit Apparatus started to perform and our hearts were struck right there the minute they played Cat and Mouse and even Guardian Angel.
  • Then RJA vocalist said the next that will play is All Time Low and the crowd roared. Imagine we were standing for like seven hours but we couldn’t help but “magtiis na lang” ’cause ATL will play next OMFG
  • Anberlin performed well. They were the real definition of Rock \m/
  • So it was All Time Low time. ❤
  • A large white banner came up so they can setup everything before playing. It was the highlight of this year’s Bazooka Rocks so, they see to it that the crowd will enjoy. Black balloons were up there in the ceiling, also the bras that were donated.
  • Then they appeared right on the stage, and I felt in love. ❤
  • Alex’s voice made my night awesome. The crowd was singing all their songs and Jack was playing out of control. That was very cool.
  • Alex sang all my favorites. (but all their songs are my favorite, does that make sense?)
  • I felt kilig when I heard their songs live, even the acoustic ones. Somewhere in Neverland was the awesomest asdfghjlksldhqweryqywt.
  • They were saying words like motherfvckers but it doesn’t make them less of a gwapo. Jack moved around the stage and bras were coming out of nowhere.
  • I can still remember how Jack said,“I like Lady Gaga ’cause she has a penis and a vagina. How cool is that.” And the crowd laughed hard whenever he tells a joke. (I can’t even say if what he says is joke or something coz his face has no emotion ha ha)
  • It felt so good to know he’s not a fan of Bieber. Does that mean we’re meant for each other? 💔
  • The coolest thing ever Alex has said was that he wants to be the father of everyone’s kids hahaha. All the girls were so kilig that time.
  • Jack was really fun to be with. He has got the power to make everyone laugh and lose control at anything he’s doing.
  • They played acoustic also. Did I mention already I was so in love?
  • My heart was torn when their turn was finished. I felt the urge to follow them backstage haha.
  • After ATL’s performance, many from the teenagers group starting to go home coz it’s so late at night. That was the time when we were pushed to get in front until we reached the barricade. It was fun to be near the stage, so sad we got in front only during the last performance.
  • 30 minutes just passed and I’m missing Jalex already.
  • Nick walked up the stage holding his phone and we can hear the shouting and roaring.
  • Everyone has still the energy for ARTTM even if it’s already 1:00 AM.
  • I was singing also while the band played (also in ATL). It was really worth it.
  • We were having the post-ATL-feeling and we were thirsty and everyone’s asking for water. I was imagining we were like zombies that time haha.
  • My heart was torn into pieces when Nick sang Like We Used To huhu. You know, the sad feeling knowing they’ll be breaking up after the tour.
  • After the last performance of ARTTM, the crowd shouted “Don’t break up! Don’t break up!” OMFG. It’s so heartbreaking. I REALLY CAN’T.
  • We went home at 2:30 am. That’s the highlight of being a fan girl.

I really can’t explain how happy I was to be there at the event. This obviously turned out to be the most unforgettable moment of my fan girl life. Seriously I’m looking forward to more rock concert tours. Actually, this was not really a planned thing. Before I went out of the country, I just told myself I’m going to BRF. I WILL BE GOING TO BRF. Then I came back, and never forgot the thing I have said.  It happened. I made my dream come true. I finally found my comfort zone. I pursued to be at the moment I’m happy with. I will never get tired of this SRSLY. This thing will always keep me alive and complete and happy. Even without someone at my back to turn to, their music never failed to be at my side at times when I’m sad. I hope I’ll meet them again. I’m looking forward to that. ❤


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